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Dana is amazing. I had my first ever reading with her so I wasn't sure what to expect. Dana explained the process right at the beginning and made me feel totally comfortable.  As she went through the cards, she really hit on some major issues that I was facing. I was going through a very hard time in my life and was very anxious. I was amazed on how accurate she was. Her compassion and positive outlook helped me tremendously. I feel like Dana's reading was truly the beginning of my healing process. I would definitely recommend Dana. She is very talented and a true professional.

Crystal, Alberta, Canada

For many years I have seemed to be just drifting through life. Repeating the same emotions and pattern, not knowing where I was headed. Recently, I received a reading from Dana, who was able to clarify the questions I had, and explain the uncertainty that I was harboring. She began with a description of what would take place, and very smoothly and professionally, she gave my reading. During the reading I was encouraged to ask questions, which she took the time to listen and explained in a loving and respectful manner.  She gave me insight on problems I have never mentioned to anyone, and she gave me the tools I needed to no longer feel lost. Her caring nature, and her heart-filled answers gave me a clear direction for my future journey. I would highly recommend her service to anyone and I will surely be using her wonderful gift again.

Steve, Toronto, Canada

I was really unsure of what to expect when Dana read for me. However, I found the experience to be a pleasant surprise. She answered any questions I had, comforted me as she saw I was anxious. I had a major issue that I was having trouble with. Her reading helped me enormously! It was accurate and thorough. It started me on a path of correcting and sorting out my problem. It was a path I had no desire to go down. I am grateful to have had a reading from her. She has compassion and warmth, and I’ll have her read for me again and I highly recommend her to anyone!

Scott, NC


When I came to Dana for a reading I really wasnt sure what to expect. I was actually a little frightened. Before she started she asked me to think of a question I might have. Of course I did have more than one going through my kind.When she started , as soon as she started all  my questions were answered in detail  all I could do was be in awe. For what my world seemed an entrapment. Dana guided me towards the correct path. I highly recommend Dana. She has definitely led me towards my path of happiness and healing

Laura, Texas

Dana, You are beyond amazing, and at the same time beautifully humble. The energy, truth, gentleness, kindness, and purity that you poured into my session was enriching and uplifting. Your reading was so relevant to the journey I am on. Your rational interpretive process, integrity, careful and neutral reporting affirmed that I am indeed on the right track.Thank you Dana, you truly are a gem!

Bernadette, Roatan

I never understood exactly what oracle cards were and what guidance and meaning they can have in ones life.
   Dana’s insight and her beautiful website shed a lot of light into the mystery of what an intuitive oracle reading is. Dana educates your mind as well as your heart to live your best life through intuitive readings.  Dana gives back what she has received in abundance from this great universe.         Dana you rock!

Mary, Georgia

I'd never had a reading before and was insightful. What it picked up was surprising but much needed. Dana was wonderful and I'd love to have her read my cards again.

Tara, Alaska

I had been asking myself the same question repeatedly for months with no luck finding the answer. I guess I just needed to ask the universe. There's so much we don't know or understand about ourselves because we don't take the time to do so. My first reading was an eye opener, assuaging fears and reigniting hope. By my second reading I had a more directed question and I received a more directed answer. Now I feel like I'm on the right track with my life and unstoppable.

Sarah, Alaska