What is an Oracle Card Reading?

And Why Would I Want One?


The Answers You Need

What are Oracle Cards

Oracle cards, also known as Wisdom cards, are used for spiritual guidance. They focus on life path and personal growth. Their purpose is to give us the tools to live the life we choose. They help us see patterns, and  give us alternatives that will help us live our best lives.

How do they work?

Oracle cards are intuitive tools. The images, colors, and messages on each card all have meaning. Where they fall in the card spread is important too. Oracle cards help to tap into the subconscious and inner knowing that we all possess. Everything is energy. Some of us are more sensitive to the energies in and around us than others. That's where I come in. Some say that Oracle cards are their way of communicating with their angels.  I am simply a messenger with a special connection to the Oracle.

How long does a typical reading take?

It depends on the kind of reading you'd like. We can pull a card or two, just to explore a certain situation or we can do a full reading using many cards. A typical full reading takes about an hour. Just a few cards ok for you? 15 minutes or so will be plenty. Sometimes, people choose to have the full reading and come back in a few weeks for a card or 2 to be drawn.

Can I get answers to specific questions?

Yes! Many people are amazed at the accuracy and detail of an oracle card reading. The nature of oracle cards is to give you the tools you need to be your best self. So, sometimes, the answer may not be what you want to hear but it will give you the guidance you need to put you on the path  of manifesting your dreams. It's also important to know that while you may have a specific question in mind, your spirit guides are going to give you what you need. And as the the universe is a place of order, your reading will address the root issues first.

How do you know what they mean for me?

As I look at the cards, I get thoughts, words, pictures that begin to tell a story. I am simply the messenger. The universe, your spirit guides, your angels, - however you understand the spiritual part of your life - will not lead you astray. The messages I get, come intuitively from my spirit guides. I am sensitive to your energy and the messages they bring. Spirit will not allow you to draw someone else's message.

Do you save my reading or publish it?

No. Your reading is personal and yours. I highly encourage people to save their readings though. If we do a video chat, notes or voice recordings are great. If we do an email reading, once I have confirmed that you have received your email, I delete it. I never publicly post or draw cards without permission.

Why should I have my cards read?

Having your cards read is like having a face to face conversation with your spirit guides. A hug from the universe if you will. Oracle card readings are messages of hope. Some enjoy having a reading just to make sure they are on the right path. Others use the readings as tools to break away from old habits and explore and understand their innermost hopes and fears. Everyone needs a little heart healing, a little guidance, a little encouragement, from time to time. Some people just want to be reassured. That is what a reading can do for you.  They give you the tools to manifest and live your best life. What Oracle cards DON'T do, is absolve you of accountability. You still have to do the work, and make the choices to live life on purpose.